The human fairy that is Kirsty Hume


Have you ever met someone who you felt was so authentically themselves and so unaffected by the world we live in that they seem to come direct form some other astral plane.  Kirsty Hume not only looks like she is from fairy land but she smells like she is, she speaks like she is, she is an actual real live human fairy.  We worked together to shoot the most recent campaign for my latest collection Isolde’s Dream at Vasquez Rocks in LA.

I smelt her before I saw her.  Kirsty oozes that incredible hippy combination of Patchouli and rose that transports me to a ancient childhood place of perfection. (My parents were bohemian foreigners in London and we were always surrounded by beautiful patchouli wearing beauties. ) Kirsty wears an oil blended by her friend, Mandy of Aftelier perfume. 

Then I saw the hair.  THAT hair that we all worshipped as teenagers is still there in all of its angelic glory shining like a mane of flaxen silk in the bright LA sunshine.  She even has laughter like tinkling bells. I kid you not.  Human fairy.  I caught up with Kirsty to ask her what makes her her.  Here’s what she said.



If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, soak it up.  It is a rare thing to find someone so authentically themselves in this digital age of ours.3

Simon Woolford